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Well, I am thinking that I found Louis COHEN arrival record. His Hebrew name
was Yeruchem ben Moshe Leib. His first wife (he had three) is listed as
Mary, Millie and Miriam (on her gravestone), daughter of Shlome Reuben. On
her death certificate, her father's name is listed as Reuben GORDON.

Louis and Mary came to America in 1901 after being married for one year with
their daughter, Sadie. They moved to Plattsburgh, NY, where Louis was a junk
dealer and then a painter. They went on to have two other children
together, Morris and Lena. Lena married Paul RICHMAN and they lived in the
Bronx. They retired to Florida and we don't know if they are still alive

On the earlier censuses, Louis is listed as being native to "Russ/Lettish,"
and on his naturalization papers is listed Minsk as his last foreign
residence and later censuses is Russia/Minsk as his place of birth. His
birth year on the naturalization papers is listed as 1880.

I found a Jeruchem (EIDB spells it Jeroscham) KAHN (although it looks to me
like KOHN) in the Ellis Island database with an arrival year of 1900. His
age is listed as 20. His last residence looks like it says Wilna or Wilnia,
but on the next page, it lists the province of his nativity as Wilnia. the
person he is destined to go to is his "cousin," Elia GORDON (remember that
his wife's father's name was Reuben GORDON.

I would like to hear if you genners agree with me that this is most likely
the person I am looking for.

Fraida Cohen
New York

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