DITTMAN / DITTMANN family of Bavaria and New York #germany

Diana da Costa

I have hit a number of brick walls. Charlotte (nee ROSENFELD) was born on
18th July 1833 in Bamberg, Bavaria and died in New York on 26th September
1925. She arrived in the US in 1850. She married Eduard DITTMANN, born 8th
May 1826 in Tuechersfeld and died in NY 5th August 1882. Edward arrived in
US between 1845 - 1848. Charlotte and Edward had seven children, all born
in NY, of whom six have been accounted. If anyone wants to know more about
the ROSENFELD DITTMAN(N)s, please ask but here are my queries for which all
help gratefully received:

1. The date of their marriage is 1854, highly likely as their first child
was born the following year. But I cannot track down a marriage place or
date. I would assume it is unlikely that they returned to Germany to wed
and therefore the marriage presumably took place in the US and I am assuming
(?) NY as that is where they lived and where all their children were born.
2. One son Semon DITTMAN (also recorded as Simeon and Simon) was born on
28th June 1858. But in 1896 Semon left for South Africa where he lived until
1906 when he turns up in Shanghai where he remains until 1919 - or at least
this is the last passport application found for him. What then happened to
Semon? Did he return to the US or did he remain in China? Where and when
did he die? On the passport applications, he states he is single.
3. Semon had five siblings who have been traced: Frances (my great-great
grandmother), Louisa, Mortimer, Henry and Marie. Only Frances married. The
seventh was learnt about >from the 1900 Census where it is stated that
Charlotte had five living children having given birth to seven. We know that
Mortimer was killed in 1893 in a tragic rail accident but where is this
mystery child? Could he/she have been stillborn or perhaps was born and
died in between census'? All ideas welcome.
4. To date, I have found nothing about the ROSENFELD forebears in Bamberg
or the DITTMANN ancestors in Tuechersfeld - both new territories for me as
hitherto my researches have more or less been confined to Furth and
Nurnberg. If anyone has any hints of where to look, I should be most
grateful. Many thanks

Diana (MOHR) GOMES da COSTA, Kent UK - formerly >from London
Please note new email address: dianadacosta@...

JGFF Researcher N. 166938 Researches include ARNSTEIN, BACH, BASS, BERLIN,
UHLMANN, WEIKERSHEIMER and ZIRNDORFER - all originally >from Bavaria

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