Is Lobber an Actual Given Name? #germany

Linda Shefler

I am trying to solve a bit of a mystery regarding my SCHUSTER family from
Romsthal. Marjiam SCHUSTER supposedly had an illegitimate son, Aron,
about 1788. Aron was married twice and in each marriage record only his
mother's name was mentioned. His death record also indicates his mother's
name. None of the records indicate his father's name. When Aron's mother,
Marjiam, died in 1850, the record indicated that she was the widow of
Lobber SCHUSTER. It's the first time his name has shown up and it's a
rather odd name. Aron had a son, Lob Arjie in 1830, leading me to suspect
that his father was probably this "Lobber". Has anyone run across the
name Lobber before?

Does anyone know how illegitimate children were viewed at that time?
Interestingly, Aron went on to have two illegitimate children of his own
with my relative (acknowledging them as his children), before finally
marrying her and having a third child with her. Many thanks,

Linda Silverman Shefler, San Francisco East Bay linda.shefler@...

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