Photo ViewMate file # 32828 is on-line #germany

Lin <lin2@...>

I uploaded a photo of my great aunt Frieda HUMBERG ROSENBAUM to viewmate.

She is fairly young in the photo and wearing a uniform of a
Jewish Aid Organization of some kind. I put up all the information I
know and would like to know on the viewmate form. Frieda was born in
1892 in Lippe, or Lippstadt or Klein Reken. She probably moved to
Lippstadt in the 1920s, but I am not sure. She married at age 39 (much
after this photo was taken). I would like to know what organization the
uniform is from, what they did, and approx. when the photo was taken.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

I had to change the shape and size of the photo and keep making it
smaller to get it to 1 MB for viewmate. If you would like it larger to
see better, let me know. I so appreciate any help.

Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida

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