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< . . . . More than one relative has told me that the consonants in
Amsterdam(ski) form a Hebrew (or perhaps Yiddish) acronym that has
some kind of mystical Jewish significance, the implication being that
someone may have adopted the name Amsterdam(ski) for that reason
(rather than for the reason of having some connection to the city of
Amsterdam). If nobody here can expand on that sketchy explanation
(and if anyone would like to know more about it), let
me know, I'll contact some of my relatives for more details.

==Lars Menk lists only the city of Amsterdam as the source for the Amsterdam
name in his dictionary of German Jewish surnames. He lists a nunmber of
differeent families in Frankfurt/Mainin 1679, 1686, and 1710, also in Friedberg
which is near Frankfurt, and in Glogau which, I think, is in Posen

==BenZion Kaganoff does not list Amsterdam but lists Amster, which he says
is derived >from the German for hamster and may be a name for "a diligent,
industrious individual."

==I speculate the name may also be an "elaboration" of the German-Jewish
first name Anselm/Amsel/Anschel which is a kinnuy for Ascher (one of the 12
tribes). This would be similar to the origin of Berlin/er in many cases, >from
Issachar (a tribe) to Beer (kinnuy) to Berlin, an important city.

Michael Bernet, New York

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