List Camp Varembe 1942 transcribed and also on ViewMate #germany

Bert de Jong <bdejong67@...>

After 14 years of researching the BERMANN family, and finding descendants
all over the world ( partly thanks to Facebook) There are always a few
people you can't find a trace of. But sometimes one leads to the other.

I was looking for Ernestine and found out that she survived Theresienstadt and
was brought to St. Gallen in Switzerland in 1945. I did see that there was
a file of her in the archive in Bern, and I wrote to them. They mailed me
back and told me that they had also a file for Paul BERMANN, a man I also
could not trace. Anyway they sent me about 120 pages with personal
information, among these pages are a few lists with names I would like to

The first list is a short list >from the Swiss army, and contains 10 persons
who were brought to refugee camp de Varembe in September 1942.

Surname, name, date of birth, Nationality

ACKERMANN, Kurt, April 4, 1919 German
ACKERMANN, Hans, August 3, 1916 German
JAKUBOWITSCH, Maurice, January 21, 1907 Stateless
JAKUBOWITSCH, Maria, July 24, 1901 Stateless
SCHAFFER, Abraham, September 25, 1886 Polish
HILSEMRATH, Jozoa, November 25, 1890 Polish
HILSEMRATH, Jda, January 14, 1906 Polish
GRUNEBAUM, Kurth, May 7, 1910 German
BERMANN, Paul, August 20, Belgium
PODHORTZ, Samuel, December 22, 1890 Polish

The list can be seen at

I also have a list of people illegaly passing the Swiss border in August
1945 which I also will upload to Viewmate. As soon as they are online, I
will send the list of names via the Gersig Email Forum.

Regards, Bert de Jong the Netherlands bdejong67@...

Researching: BERMANN in Oberwesel, Osann, Monzel, Zell, Koblenz - Germany.

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