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Ron Kaminker <Ron@...>

I have 3 questions on marriage records when searching JRI-Poland (an example
is below where I searched on Prinz)

1. Why are there sometimes not the same amount of males and females?
2. How come sometimes the people being married are not the names being
3. Sometime you will have 2 last names with an 'r' in the middle
(e.g.goldstein r Silverman)

Surname Givenname Year Type Sex Age
====== ======== ==== == === ====

Breindel 1815 M F
SZWARZ Moses 1815 M M 21 y.
PRINZ Abrah. 1815 M M 56 y.
SCHOR Chawa 1815 M F 36 y.
PRINZ Abrah. 1815 M M 56 y.
RETIG Moses 1815 M M 19 y.


Ron Kaminker

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