Erlangen - Help needed in Jewish Theological Seminary of America NY #germany

Eberstadt privat <cpa-eberstadt@...>

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in NY in their stock a
booklet of 9 pages with a description of the history of the Jewish
Community in Erlangen.

I need it desperately and have no possibility to get it, as they have it
marked "restricted", and I think, it is the last one in a series of
private prints.

Can anybody help, copy and send it to me?

The titel is: Geschichte der israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Erlangen
The author is: Leopold David
The year: 1931

Christof Eberstadt, Erlangen, Germany JGID 10808 cpa-eberstadt@...
Commissioner for the old Jewish Community of Erlangen (JKG Erlangen)
by appointment of the board of the Erlangen Jewish Community

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