German Tombstone needs translation help- ViewMate 32688 #germany

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I posted this a week or so ago and got no repose. This is the grave of
an earliest known ancestor, a translation of the stone, especially how
the name is presented would be fantastic and could help push back the
lineage. Any [further] help would be greatly appreciated

Regards, Samuel Sabel sam_sbl@...

[The first line starts 'moshe servant of G-d' a quatation i believe
from the Torah. do you have any close ups? the writing is not clear,
but as far as i can tell the top bit is a very poetical list of his
good character traits. the last word on each line rhymes. the bold is
the name of the deceased- Moshe the son of Eliezer, >from Pfungstadt.
two lines below that it says his age, i think 84 years old. the date
was 'the morning of 12 Kislev 5625' as far as i can tell (11 December
1864)the last line is 'may his soul be bound in etenal life'.]

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