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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Zavon wrote: <If he was born in Galicia, Austria, then his
birth records are not going to be found in Vienna. Vienna was the
capitol of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Galicia was the largest,
province of that Empire. Seeking a birth record in Vienna for someone
born in Galicia in the mid-19th century is like seeking the birth
record of someone born in the same period in Rhodesia or British
Columbia by looking in London.>

I did answer "quite true" in my previous reply but this referred to
Galicia and Austria - however to the example that Peter gave re
London it is ***Quite Untrue***, with respect to British citizens!

The Family Records Centre {FRC], London has wonderful section for
unusual records - inc. consular BMD records *Consular returns 1849 -

If your family lived outside the UK and had British nationality, they
registered their birth, marriage or death at the local British
Consulate. These records are all listed and retrievable. The records
of local Rhodesian or Canadian nationals, as cited by Peter, are not
registered in these books, only British citizens.

I have an Israelitische Kultus Gemeinde {IKG}, Vienna birth entry and
a smart British consular certificate as well. This dual entry system
into British records and the Jewish records was, I suspect, used my
many people.

Because I have a particular interest in Alexandria I always look at
these records, out of nostalgia, in the rare instances I visit the
FRC records. Alexandria seems to predominate in British consular
records worldwide, which is a little known fact, I have known for a
long time! I recognise many of the names of my childhood, now
scattered throughout the world. Cairo lags far behind.

Many Jews >from the Ottoman Empire had British nationality and you can
see their records in these books and order certificates. So did the
many Maltese who lived in Alexandria and the British too.

I love to browse through these volumes >from Alexandria > Casablanca>
Jerusalem > Vienna> Moscow> Paris> Shanghai> Bucharest>
Constantinople - they are all there. It is a by-gone age of

I have never seen similar books in Vienna but the links are there in
the records if you know what to look for and your Habsburg Empire
family had relatives who lived and died in Vienna. If an
Austrian/Habsburg Jew was born in Alexandria, I suspect he/she too
was registered in a consular book. I will have to ask next time in

re London; last year I came across a little known data file held at
National Archives which was being transcribed - this contained
thousands of vital records >from obscure places which somehow missed
the normal consular books. I cannot remember the name of the file but
it is available on microfilm at the FRC and again, I found may
interesting Jewish births in places like Tangiers and Casablanca!
Ask on the top floor by the census data enquiry desk.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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