JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Anniversary of one death: "Aschava"? #general

Judith Romney Wegner

At 5:29 PM +0100 8/19/06, duccio leoni wrote:
Dear Genners
I am translating >from Italian into English the will of one of my ancestors
who lived in Trieste, Italy.
Among one of his requests is that the Temple in Ebelsbach, Bavaria, where he
was born should recite the Kaddish and the "Aschava" (?) and lit a candle in
his memory.

I cannot find a suitable translation for the latter prayer, can anyone help

The word you have transcribed here is not quite accurately spelled.
The word is probably azkarah or hazkarah, "commemoration." the
full expression is hazkarat neshamot meaning "commermoration of
souls." and refers to the prayer recited on Yom Kippur and the last
days of certain festival, that we call "yizkor."

Judith Romney Wegner

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