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Every-one of these sons named their first born son either Jacob Morris,
Jacob Maurice, or Jacob Moses, clearly named after Jaacov Moshe, who died
before any of the Grand-Children were born, which would be usual Ashkenazi
procedure, naming first born after a deceased relative, usually their
Grand-Father. What really puzzles me is that the sons of Avram and Icyk both
died very young, and they then named a second son by the same name later on.
Clearly the Father was very dear to them, as each son was determined to give
the name to his son, but I always thought it unlucky to give a brother the
same name as one who died so young.
I can offer an anecdote >from my own tree. My great-grandmother had a son,
the elder brother of my grandmother, named Hersz, for her father; the child
died at ten years of age. She bore subsequently another son, and gave him
the same name. As you have put it, she was determined that this name

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