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Feige Stern

Hello to my fellow Jgenners,
I am hoping to find information regarding the first transport of Jews to
Auschwitz >from Poprad in Poland, specifically the numbers beginning at
1000. My friend's mother, Berta Berkovicova, was >from Vysna Pysana in
Poland. She was on that transport on March 23 or 26 1942. Her number

I am hoping to find out if anyone might know the whereabouts of photos
that were taken on that day. My friend just completed a trip to
Poland. He was hoping to find those photos at Auschwitz. They were not
there. Does anyone have any ideas where else he might look for them?

Thanks to anyone who might help,

Feige Kauvar Stern
Researching: KLEVARSKY (Kauvar), Seduva, Lithuania; SILVERSTEIN,
Rasseiniai, Lithuania,; NAFTEL, Rasseiniai, Lithuania; HOFFMAN,
Kishinev, Moldova; SCHENKER, Dankera, Latvia; SCHWARTZ, Braila,
Rumania; STERN, Russia; FRIEDMAN, Odessa; SOBEL, Kleparov, Ukraine;
PROBST, Lvov, Ukraine.

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