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I found on the Litvak SIG under Tax and Voters lists >from 1875 an Index ,
probably for my grandfather's name.
I can find it in the Vilnius archive - LVIA
LVIA/380/120/772 7953

The type of the record is - Alphabetical List of Jewish Men in Lida District
The comments are - 241 in book of Shneier.

My questions are :
1. What are Alphabetical Lists ?
2. What is Shneier ?
3. Can I get more information about the person other then what is written in
the index ?
4 How much will cost me a copy for the below name and how long to receive

NOVOPRUTSKY, Khaikel Zorukh
241 in book of Shneier
Alphabetical List of Jewish Men in Lida District

1875 Resident of Lida
Vilnius LVIA/380/120/772

Thank you in Advance

Sara Fraiman-Bavly
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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