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Alexander Sharon

"Marilyn Feingold" <> wrote

I just spoke with the widow of a possible relative. She said her father
in law was born in Kipret which is on the Russian/Polish border. Her
husband also mentioned lots of marshes there. Does this register with
anyone? I've looked in '"Where once we Walked " and couldn't find it.

It should read "Pripet" Marshes. This is the largest swamp of the European
continent situated in the forested basin of Pripet (Russian: Pripyat')
River, the major contributory of the Dnieper River.
from the geographically point of view, Marshes occupy southern Belarus and
Northern Ukraine (Wolyn-Podolsk-Dnieper uplands).
from the Jewish genealogical point of view, this region is known as Polesie
(Woodland in Polish). During the interwar period there was Polesie

List of the Polesie (Pripyat Marshes) major towns reads as the Who is Who in
the Jewish Genealogy: Antopol, Brzesc nad Bugiem (Briest), Drohiczyn, Kamien
Kaszyrski, Kobryn, Kossow, Luniniec, Sarny, Pruzany, and of course, Pinsk.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary Ab

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