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Rochelle Gershenow

Paul M Lieberman wrote
My great-great grandmother is listed as the midwife for a number of
births in her village of Oros, Hungary (now a suburb of Nyiregyhaza).
Her husband was the kosher butcher. This is purely conjecture, but I
would think that the butcher's wife would be the obvious choice for a
village's midwife. She would have been comfortable with the sight of
blood, have access to sharp knives, and know about the importance of
cleanliness. Also, I understand that kosher butchers were more than just
butchers, in that they had to understand the Jewish laws that applied to
making meat kosher.<<<

I have been told that my great grandmother served as a midwife in
Philadelphia in the early 1900s. She was >from the Ukraine and had been
married to a kosher butcher. I don't know if she served as a midwife in the
Ukraine or in England where she lived for about a year.

Rochelle Gershenow
Potomac, MD

Searching: AGINSKY (Belarus; South Africa, USA); CHAIKIN (Priluki, Ukraine);
Priluki,Ukraine; Argentina; Israel; USA); SLONIMSKY (Minsk, Belarus) or
SLONIM (USA); SONDEK/SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Lutzin, Belarus; Ludza, Latvia; USA);
SOKOLOFF (Priluki, Ukraine); WEINSTEIN (Minsk, Belarus; New York)

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