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Alexander Sharon

Beatrice Markel wrote
I have a handwritten Russian 1896 Lodz Marriage Record, translated into
English for me, The marriage ceremony took place in Lodz, the bride,
born in Lodz, and residing with her parents, in Lodz. The groom, born
in Mazovetsk (Russian) Polish spelling: Mazowiecki. The marriage was
Preceded by public reading in both the Lodz synagogue and in the
Mazowiecki synagogue, etc.

The 1902 Map- Polish Provinces of the Russian Empire, Maciejowice and
Tomaszow, appear as separate towns. Are there any geographic mavens out
there who can tell me if Mazowiecki, was in fact, the same individual
town as the Maciejowice shown on this map? And if/when/how it changed
to Tomasow Mazowiecki?
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I need this information to help in my search for Kadysh/Kadish
Frydman's parents, Itsik and Etlya Frydman in either Mazowiecki or
Tomasow Mazowiecki.
To town Tomaszow (near Piotrkow Trybunalski, Rawa Mazowieck and Lodz), a
regional (Mazowsze) double name has been invented in order to differentiate
its name >from the existing another and older Tomaszow in Lublin region
(Tomaszow Lubelski).

Tomaszow Mazowiecki was known by its other names prior to the end of WWI,
such as Tomaszow Rawski, Tomaszow Piotrkowski, and Tomaszow Khadash (a new
Tomaszow in Hebrew).

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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