Thanks to February 2014 GerSIG Speaker Fund contributors #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Last week we received the monthly financial report from
JewishGen that informs SIG leaders of financial contributions.

The report lists the donations to the GerSIG Speakers Bureau
Fund received in January and February.

GerSIG Directors will send individual messages of thanks to these donors.

If you made a financial donation to GerSIG

*** in January or February, 2014, ***

but you do not receive an email >from GerSIG confirming
receipt of your gift, please let us know by direct Email to:


To insure that your donation is properly credited to GerSIG, please
tell us the date and amount of your donation and method of payment.

Because it takes JewishGen so long to tell us about your donations, we
encourage contributors to advise GerSIG by email at the time you make
a contribution.

Confirm your gift by email to: <>

Many thanks.

GerSIG Moderator / Director

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