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Judith Romney Wegner

At 8:48 PM +0000 8/27/06, Cyndee Meystel wrote:
* don't think she is mistaken because I have a friend who is named Menachem
HENCZEL in part after a grandfather who was Asher HENCZEL (and in fact has a
first cousin named Asher HENCZEL after the same grandfather). HENCZEL is an
unusual name and I have not come across it other than in this family
Dear Cyndee,

More precisely, it is not the actual name Henczel as such, but only
the spelling thereof, that is unusual -- or at least it is far
less common than the usual spelling -- Anschel or Anshel . But
Henczel and Anschel are really the same name -- just two different
ways of transliterating >from the Yiddish.

The Yiddish name Anshel is frequently coupled with the Hebrew name
Asher, because Anshel is a Yiddish diminutive of the Hebrew name.
Naming a child Asher-Anschel is precisely analogous to naming a
child Menahem-Mendel or Yakob-Koppel -- or many other similar
examples in which the Yiddish diminutive is hyphenated to the
original biblical Hebrew name. (Asher was one of the 12 sons of

Judith Romney Wegner

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