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Judith Romney Wegner

At 12:02 PM +0100 8/28/06, Perets Mett wrote:

While the names Hercl (pronounced Hertsl) may have a common origin
with Hershl, they are certainly not the same name.

For the past three hundred years or so, the name Hercl has been used
as a kinui for Naftoli, while Hershl is the Yiddish for Tsvi.

Now it is true that many a time a person may be called by the paired
name Naftoli Tsvi. However ther are numerous instances of the names
being used separately, with the Naftolis being known as Herts or
Hertsl and the Tsvis being called Hersh or Hershl.
May I set the record straight on this one? In discussing the
historical development of the above names, Peretz actually puts the
cart before the horse! Naftali -Tsvi is the original Hebrew
couplet (for reasons connected with certain biblical texts, which I
have explained before and need not repeat here). Subsequently there
developed an alternative Hebrew-Yiddish version -- Naftali-Hirsch.
(or Hersh or Hershel or Hercl or any other spelling of the same
Yiddish name). If it is the case that when those names are given
separately, one spelling of Hirsch "goes with" Naftali while
another spelling "goes with" Tsvi, that is a distinctly secondary
historical development and does not transform those variant spellings
into two actually different names. Hercl, Hertsl, Herschl, or any
other spelling that may be found are merely variant transliterations
of the same Yiddish name!

Judith Romney Wegner

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