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Judith Romney Wegner

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==Beider's index lists a number of variants on Hens, Henzl, Hentshl, etc.
and leads them all back to the entry for Yokhonen (Beider's preferred version
of Yochanan). Beider gives the derivation via Yohannes, Hans and Hensl.
==The more common derivative that Beider lists for Yochanan in Eastern
Europe is Janush, in various spellings.
All of the above is exactly what one would expect, since Hans is the
standard German nickname for Johannes, while Janus is the Czech form
of that name -- and the name "John" itself comes via German Johannes
from the original Hebrew Johannan.
Oddly, a dozen Johns in my own family were named for my ggf John
Marks , whose Hebrew name was not Yohannan but Ya'akov (Jacob).
He was named "John" on his English b.c.. -- despite the fact that the
true English equivalent of Jacob is not John but actually "James"
(derived via Giacomo >from Jacobus), History buffs will recall
that the supporters of the deposed King James II were known as
"Jacobites." So, go figure!

Judith Romney Wegner.

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