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There is an Emanuel ABRAMOVITZ in the 1901 Census, married to Minnie.
They lived at 143 Mare Street, Hackney. He was aged 32, born Russia,
still a Russian SUbject. But he was a Tin & Iron Plate Worker,
described as an Employer. No mention of his being an artist.

Harold Pollins
Oxford, UK

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My Great Grandfather, Lazarus Bloomberg had a daughter by the name of
Minnie, who married a man called Emanuel ABRAMOVITZ, in London, who my
father tells me was a very well known painter/artist. Has anyone here heard
of this man, I have tried google, and the obvious places, but no joy. I'm
not too sure whether my father's idea of famous and mine, are two different
things, but he swears that Emanuel was very well known and his paintings are
collectable. I have spelled the name as it appeared on his marriage
certificate, but I guess it could well have changed for his art. Any
information would be welcome.


Nick Rich

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