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Evelyn Filippi

Sorry, but you are mistaken.
In Hebrew, no one spells the name Aron, Aharon or Aaron, with the letter
To my knowledge, there is no Hebrew word "aron" spelled with an "Ayin".

Hi all,
I just got the above email in response to how my father spelled his
name. He spelled it ayin rash vav noon. The problem with researching is that
people look up things according to what they know to be right. I dont know
if this is a yiddish way to spell it or just my fathers way. So even
if the whole world spells it different this is the way My father spelled
it. Everyone on the PACHMAN side of my family spelled it this way except
one grand uncle who 60years ago started spelling it PACKMAN. On my HASS
side half of them started spelling it HAAS. Etc ,etc,etc.
Thank you again for all the help and responses.
Evelyn Filippi

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