Harry Katzman z”l (1925–2014) - _Stammbaum_ founding publisher #germany

John Paul Lowens <jplowens@...>

Harry Katzman, age 90, passed away in his home April 4, 2014 in Longwood,
FL. Before this February he lived in the Lakeridge Falls community
in Boynton Beach since 1998. Prior to that, he lived in Winter Springs,
FL, Plainview, NY and Elmont, NY. He was born in Geroda, Germany,
from which he emigrated at age 14.
Harry was the founding publisher of _Stammbaum - The Newsletter of
German-Jewish Genealogical Research in late 1992. The JGDG archives
have messages he posted in the JewishGen list starting in October,
1993. >from about that time, Warren Blatt consulted with Harry via the
JGDG as he was refining the first versions of his JewishGen "FAQ"
and German subjects in other early JewishGen info-files.

In November, 1993, the JGDG had emails between Katzman and JewishGen
founder Susan King about a project he'd already started to create a
database of "looking for", birth, marriage, death and simcha notices
published in _Aufbau_, the NYC German & English language newspaper from
the 1930s on. Harry probably played a part in creating existing
Aufbau-centered databases added to JewishGen by Peter Lande.

Harry was active in his local JGS. He responded generously to
inquiries >from researchers who contacted him via Gary Mokotoff's "NY
JGS Family Finder" - now the JGFF. When I wrote to him via the Family
Finder in Winter Springs, FL circa 1995, Harry immediately sent me a
multi-page outline database shattering a 30-year-old birck wall hiding
my direct MOSES ancestors in Beerfelden.

I'm certain that other GerSIG members have had similar help >from Harry
Katzman. I would welcome notes describing his work.

According to his son, Steve Katzman, "Harry was very enthused about
genealogy and made several trips to Germany to do extensive research
on our ancestry. Please relay this sad news of his passing to his
friends on your forum. Contributions can be made in his memory to
the charity of your choice. Thank you."

There has been mention of adding a memorial page to the GerSIG
website. If that becomes possible, Harry Katzman's name should be
there. In the interim, a review of the early editions of
_Stammbaum_ serve as a tribute and memorial to this founder of so
many programs in German-Jewish Genealogy research.

For issue V. 1 N. 1 via the Leo Baeck Institute see:
Others are available on line at:


John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC

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