Re: Postausweiskarte #germany

Eberstadt privat <cpa-eberstadt@...>

The Postausweiskarte was an officially accepted document and had one
very special purpose during Third Reich: People who wanted to help Jews
"lost" their Kennkarte (passport) in order to give it to the underground
specialists to change the foto.

These people could easily exist further
on by just showing the Postausweiskarte during raids or documents
control as it was equally accepted as identification document. They had
not to go to police and state the loss of their Kennkarte (passport)
which would mean much distress to them.

This was one of the given possibilities to get access to an
original German Kennkarte (passport). The other was theft, of course.

Christof Eberstadt, Erlangen, Germany JGID 10808

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