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Ben Forman <ben.forman@...>

as we've been discussing lately, Ashekenazi Jews who moved to
non-Ashkenazi countries were dubbed there as Ashkenazi, and some
continued to use the surname when returning to Ashkenazi countries.
which was very confusing to me as a 9 year old when my dad explained to
me the difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardim, because one of the
few Sephardic families at our Shul was indeed surnamed Ashekenazi !!!

interesting as always !!


Ben Forman
Manchester UK

searching: BERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakai, CAHN/WOLF: Koeln; FURMAN: Kaluszyn;
GEVER: Daugavpils; SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen; STILLMAN: Pilica/Czestechowa

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