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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Evelyn Filippi asked re images in these URLS:

and the moderator replieds *Please reply privately.*

However I have a some comments which could have wider genealogical interest.

1. Evelyn writes: <One {8438} is a photo taken in a spa in Karlsbad Vienna in

I have already told Evelyn that Karlsbad/Carlsbad was a very fashionable spa
{Karlovy Vary] in Bohemia - many kilometers >from Vienna. It was a Royal City
and Jews were not allowed to live there till the mid-nineteenth century. Jews
started to visit the spa >from abt 1844 onwards.

2. The language in 8439-8441 - is German not Polish.

3. In record 8440, which is a copy of a birth certificate [required for some
verification] it refers to an edict* of March 15th 1875 12944 and another one:
No. 55 of 1876 - probably based on the original one. The copy is dated 1917 and
then stamped 1935. The earliest may have been for military recruitment and this
copy was reused in 1935. It is signed by the Matrikenamt Fuhrer ie he was Head
of the BMD records in Jazlowiec.

Does anyone know what this edict* is? I presume it is something to do with
Galician records. Perhaps it refers to the official permission/payment to copy

4. The second part of this copy of a birth certificate {8439} gives details by
name and Zustandigkeit [ie residency] of the midwife {Hebamme in German].
Midwives featured large in the birth certificates in the Habsburg Empire. They
were apparently legal witnesses to a birth - as is the case in the birth of
Adolf [Aron] EBENSTEIN on 18 April 1900.

4. The final URL {8441} is an "end of year" report >from a Fashion/design school
of Further Education in Vienna. The pupil was "gut", i.e., good.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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