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My paternal grandmother, Julienne MERLETTE, born in 1916, 12 avenue
Parmentier, 75010 Paris, was an abandoned child.

According to social services, an old man living avenue Parmentier as well as
a Jewish friend working in a sewing society, I got the following information:
Her mother was the daughter of the family owning the small fabric factory
Merlette, located Avenue Parmentier, who was a Jewish family, apparently
born out of wedlock, but in the same time it was the first world war, and
she might also be abandoned for protection.

Should you have the following information, and be willing to share it with
me, please do:
1. Is Merlette a Jewish family?
2. Do you know about the history of this family? Migration of family members
to the US or Canada.
3. Is this fabric was known dealing with leather, fabric, or the cutting.

Thank you very much, Kind regards, Cecile Bontemps
Please respond to: cmbon22@...

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