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Roger Lustig <julierog@...>

Not genealogical, just a historical correction: the "riots" would seem
to be apocryphal, based on a political painting and engraving by Hogarth
a few years after the change. Things like fiscal years, pensions, etc.
were at issue. Campaign issues, yes; riots, no.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ

David Kravitz wrote:

Pope Gregory introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582 and there was
rioting in the streets, The difference between the calendars was only 11
minutes and 16 seconds a year but had built up to 11 days over the

England (and the American colonies) changed calendars in 1752, and
Wednesday, September 2, 1752 was immediately followed by Thursday,
September 14, 1752. This ange resulted in widespread riots and with the
populace demanding "Give us the eleven days back!"

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