On the trail of Jenny FRANKENTHALER and Ludwig LEVI/LEVY #germany

Liz Hanellin

Dear GerSIG,
A month or more ago, I posted here asking for help finding
information about my great-aunt Jenny (Jeannette) LEV/LEVY nee
FRANKENTHALER, who, according to family lore, died in the Holocaust.
(Jenny was born on Feb 25, 1898)

With your amazing help, I have learned that she and her husband,
Ludwig LEVI/LEVY, left Untereisenheim (which had been the FRANKENTHALER
hometown since at least the mid-1700s) in 1939 and moved to Frankfurt.

I have a Transmigration card for them both, stamped "closed." Since the
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) didn't start the
Transmigration program until June of 1940, I know that Jenny and Ludwig
were in Frankfurt at least until this time and possibly later.

The case number is 10003 (I wrote the JDC archive asking whether
the case number could give us a clue as to the date the case
was opened but haven't heard back yet.)
The Transmigration card gives their address in Frankfurt as:
Ostendstrasse 20.

Because there is no destination listed on the card and the card is
stamped "closed," I am making the assumption that they were not
able to emigrate as they and their family in the U.S.had hoped.

In the North Bavarian Jews database, I found a record for a Ludwig
LEVI who was born in Mannheim, on April 10, 1909, whose residence
is listed as Wurzberg. The listing notes he moved to Frankfurt on
March 27,1939 (I have documentation for Jenny moving to Frankfurt
in November 1939, right after her mother emigrated to the U.S.).

The North Bavarian Jews database states that he died in Majdanek
and the Jews Deported >from Wurzberg database lists his death date as
Sept. 25, 1942. I suspect that this is "my" Ludwig, despite him being
11 years younger than Jenny, but I have not been able to find a
marriage record for them in order to confirm.

Nor have I found any evidence of the birth of their daughter, whose
name I don't know (I don't even know if she was born in Untereisenheim
or in Frankfurt).

Can anyone help with the marriage record? If such a record still
exists, where would I find it? Would it contain Ludwig's birth date
and city of birth?

I have lost Jenny's trail after her arrival in Frankfurt, though I
have found a DP card for a Jenny LEVY among the "Munich, Vienna
and Barcelona Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards".
This source places the Jenny listed on the card in Spain in
late 1943/early 1944, with the notation that she left for North
Africa on April 17, 1944.

Perhaps it is too much to hope that "my" Jenny fled through France and
eventually into Spain, but it's another strand for me to follow.

Thanks for all of your help so far -- any additional thoughts or
suggestions would be very welcome. It's been a fascinating journey
so far!

Best, Liz HanellinNew York City liz_hanellin@...

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