Treuchtlingen Cemetery #germany

Lin <lin2@...>

A gentleman >from Markt Berolzheim took some photos for me of the
Treuchtlingen Judische Friedhof (Jewish Cemetery.). If you have anyone
buried there I would be glad to share the photos. There is a photo of a
large menorah, and photos of different sections of the

If you write me I would be glad to share the photos. Sadly many if not
most of the graves were destroyed by an allied bombing of Treuchtlingen
and some graves are crumbling or so worn they can't be read., but he did
find 3 graves that are for sure my family. He also found 2 more that may
be, but we'll have to see what the viewmate translators say, as there
was no English on them at all.

Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida lin2@...

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