seeking graves in Berlin --MONTAG- nee REITZER #germany

Ava Forking

I am trying to locate the grave in Berlin of my great-grandmother Elenore
(Lenore) MONTAG, nee REITZER. She was born in Zenta, emigrated with 2
daughters >from Hungary to Berlin, after her husband Vilmos died. She lived with
one daughter Ilona at Lepsiusstr 20 (Steglitz). Ilona was taken and died in
There was another daughter Hajnal, who married a non-Jew. She died before
1927. She was buried in a cemetery that was close to the above address. My
mother, who visited in 1927 and 1928, said that her grandmother visited
Hajnal's grave almost daily.

Can someone help me locate the Jewish Cemetery near the above address? Are
there ways to search burials there on line?
I have already checked JOWBR and not found my ancestor there.
Thanks for suggestions and help.

Ava Gorkin, East Meadow, NY. JGID 6424 (

Researching MONTAG, REITZER, AUERBACH (Hungary)

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