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Hi, fellow-genners & a Shana Tova to all, and to those
who fast - May it be an easy one,

My family's two cents on this topic:

In Wiznitz, south of Kolomyya and west of Czernowitz,
lived my great-uncle Srul RUBINGER and his wife, Hudge
[NYC-Bronx transliteration of Hood-je] nee LIEBERMAN.
They immigrated to the US after WWI, he in 1923 and
she a year or two later.

To the outside world she was known as Honora, yet on
her headstone it indicates that she was Yehudit bat
Yisroel haLev. Tante Hudge died in 1971. In all my
life she was always called Hudge, which I'm sure now
is Hudya/Hudia.

That part of my family seems to have used Yiddish or
local versions of Hebrew names, [the Hebrew appearing
only after death of the individual on the "offical"
cemetery headstone/footstone.] Examples include: Srul
= Israel, Anchel = Asher, Hudge = Honora,
Manele/Manole = Emanuel, and many with what I would
consider Romanian diminuatives i.e. Isu = Yitzak,
Kubschu = Jacob, Schiku = Osias

Seems like Hudge was a 'real' name to us.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 4:00:31 -0400 Helene Kenvin
<hekenvin@...> wrote:

<I posted the original query about the possible
relationship between the female names Hudya and Hinda.
In response, some people have said that Hudya is not
a "real" name or that I have misread the records. >

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