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Dear Yoni

Where's there smoke there is fire! I have found out that when there
are rumors , something is usually true. I have found a first cousin
of my husband's at the age of 70. The father never told his daughter
by a second marriage that he had a child and was married before. I
found him by sleuthing and information >from my fil, and they have been

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Researching BECKER/BECHER >from Chomsk, Motole and Bereza

My question is: what is the opinion of the members of this list as to wether
or not my relative should start a search to verify the "rumour" of a
possible half-sibling or if none was talked about then we should take it as
is, and on the slight chance that there was a child and my relative's father
never spoke about it better lay the issue to rest.

Shana Tova and Happy Sukkot holidays to all.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel
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