JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Translation of Gravestones for HANDELMAN and ABRAMS #general


Hi. I have just posted for translation the tombstones of my grandparents,
Sarah ABRAMS and Abraham HANDELMAN on Viewmate.

Please respond to my email: avatom@...

One note on Abe's stone: The English date January 12, 1919 is incorrect.
He actually died on January 21, 1919. I am wondering if the Hebrew date
reflects this incorrect English date? As always, thank you in advance.
Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: ABRAMS (Odessa, Paterson, NJ); HANDELMAN (Shpikov, Podolia;
Hoosick Falls, NY); COHN (Botosani, Bucharesti, Montreal, Philadelphia, Tel
Aviv, Haifa); HAMMER (Storozyhnets, Chernivisti, Montreal); STERN/STERIN
(Shpikov); SHENKMAN (Volyntsy, Vitebsk Gub., Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow?);
FRIDMAN (Volyntsy, Drissa); ELKIN (Tiktin, Poland); LEVINE (Storozyhnets,

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