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Firstly, thank you to those who have emailed me about the ancestors of the
SHIEL/SHIELL/SHUEL/SEWELL family, the search continues, and, any other
suggestions or if anyone is thinking of emailing me please do!

Since my last email about my great grandfather Luis SHIEL going to Germany
and never being heard of again - I have now discovered he may have left the
UK (either Leeds or London) and headed to Germany earlier than I thought, in
or around 1904 or 1905, looking for treatment for TB. He may have attempted
to go to Berlin.

The questions tonight are:

1 - why did he choose to go 'there' - what specialist medical services did
Germany/Berlin have that the UK didn't? Did he get the idea to go there
from a possible many other UK residents suffering >from TB going to Germany?
2 - Was there a particular Jewish hospital or private clinic or specialist
or doctor that/whom would have been well known, known about in the UK, and
highly regarded there? How can I find out about this?

3 - Leaving the UK in 1904-1905, would there be/have normally been any
records made in the UK of the destination the person was going to? Where
would any such records be now?

4 - I'm not that hot on the history front, so, can anybody tell me, what was
the political and religious/anti-semitic situation at that time in Germany
like; were UK residents/Jews at risk of being murdered for such reasons at
the start of the 20th century?

Any theories or details about my 3 questions would be very helpful, thank

Betty Shiel (UK)

searching for descendants of Myer SHIEL/SHIELL/SHUEL/SEWELL

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