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I am looking for information on Rabbi Henesh SINGER. His wife was my
father's cousin Jocheved KOTZIN (Edith in the US). The came to Los Angeles
from, presumably, Lithuania in the early '20's along with two children,
Joseph and Sophie. Rabbi Singer had a small orthodox shul (I believe my
father called it a shtibel), Congregation Sharei Torah, on Soto st in the
Boyle Heights district of Los Angeles, at least until the late '40's. They
also lived in Boyle Heights, but they may have moved to the Fairfax
district after WWII. Around 1950 he went to Israel where he became a dealer
in and exporter of Judaica. He died in Israel about 1965; his wife
Jocheved died there before 1959. I have reason to believe that his
children, who would have been in their 30's in 1950, stayed in Los Angeles
Sophie married ar Mr LEWIS, and had two children in the '40's or '50's:
Minka and Aharon.

My Israel contacts have no information and there are no local relatives
left who would have known them. Can anyone help?

Ted Kotzin


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