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Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

According to a family history, my relative Louis POSNER was born in Breslau,
now Wroclaw, Poland. He was one of 7 children, all of whom are listed in the
family history. I was able to verify the names & births of 5 of these 7
siblings >from Breslau records on LDS microfilm; they were born between 1820
and 1834.

Also according to this family history, Louis got so seriously into debt as a
young man that he went to England to avoid imprisonment. There he got his
head together & married, eventually returning to Germany.

The fog on this family lifts some decades later. His two sons William [not
Wilhelm] and Rudolf settled in Pforzheim, Germany, where they were partners
in a jewelry business. I got my first hint of their existence on finding a
telegram with their business logo on it to my grandfather, regarding his
purchase of his wedding rings >from his older cousins.

from the Pforzheim city archives, I've learned that William was born in 1862
and Rudolf in 1870, though not where.

I have been unable to learn the name of Louis POSNER's wife.

I have just searched a commercial index of UK births for Willam and Rudolf,
but haven't found them. I also searched the same source for Louis POSNER's
marriage, and found nothing.

Does anyone know of a source in England regarding immigration, or
registration of non-citizens which might contain interesting information? Or
any other way in which I might learn the name of his wife?

Incidentally, Rudolf is the father of Dr. Laura PERLS, one of the founders
of Gestalt Therapy.

Thanks for help with search tips!

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI

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