Barcelona Refugee Card for Jenny LEVI/LEVY #germany

Liz Hanellin

Hello GerSIGgers!

I posted this message to the general JewishGen list and was encouraged to post
it here as well.
I have previously posted about my search to learn the fate of my great Aunt Jenny
and many of you have sent me useful information, helping to move my search
along, inch by inch. Thank you so much!
Jenny (nee FRANKENTHALER, Feb 25, 1898, Untereisenheim) moved to Frankfurt
in 1939 with her husband Ludwig LEVI/LEVY and I have lost any definitive trail of
her after that (she is not in the Gedenkbuch), although I have a record suggesting
that Ludwig was killed in 1942 in Majdanek (I can't confirm this yet, since I don't
have his birthdate and there were many Ludwig LEVI/LEVYs).

Are there any experts out there on the Barcelona DP/Refugee Cards >from the
"Munich, Vienna and Barcelona Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards,
1943-1959 (JDC)" database?

I found a Refugee Card (Card no. 558) for a Jenny LEVY who was detained in
Gerona and then Barcelona, Spain (presumably after crossing the French/Spanish
border). The card indicates that she was put in the charge of the French as of
1/7/43 (which I interpret as July 1, and not January 7, based on the other dates
on the card) and the last entry on the card says "Partie Afrrique du Nord,
CRI 17/4/44", i.e., she left for North Africa on April 17, 1944, via the Red
Cross International. Unfortunately, according to the International Committee of
the Red Cross website, research for their WWII archive is suspended at least until
2016 during a conservation and scanning project.

Without access to these archives, does anyone know if there a way of tracing that
departure to North Africa to find out which specific country it went to and whether
there is an existing manifest that might indicate information about the refugee/
passenger in addition to her name (such as nationality and/or birthdate)?

Or, are there any other records relating to this group of refugees? I have also tried
contacting the JDC, but have not heard anything back yet.

Thanks in advance! Liz Hanellin, New York City liz_hanellin@...

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