Help with research in Argentinia #germany


Hallo Forum, for a long time I am looking for part of our family who emigrated from
Hamburg in the 30er years of the last century.
Now today I found at last a little note, which leads me to probably Argentina.
And I n e e d some help.
Under " html" I found part of the
Heilbut Family I was looking for.
Here we go:

Hannelore Bottazzi y Pereyra (nacida Heilbut y Huegel)
* 1929 (6.2.1930) in Hamburg, died 2011
and another child

Costoya nee Bottazzi y Heilbut

The parents of Hannelore:

Ernst David Heilbut * Hamburg 5.4.1894
Mathilde Huegel * Wilhelmsburg 25.11.1896
The above mentioned "Costoya" must be a child >from Hannelore.
What shall I do??????

Freundliche Gruesse von Helga Heilbut aus Bergisch Gladbach

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