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Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

Yes, records are definitely a problem and if you have a common name you
could easily miss a correct record because names are entered incorrectly
and also ages, etc. I have two examples that may help others:

l. Birth Certificate: 1905 in Manhattan - parent's names are actually that
of the brother-in-law of the mother and her sister. Because the last names
are uncommon and I knew the child's name I was able to determine I had the
right person.

2. Death Certificate: around 1922 NYC - age of deceased 20 years off the
correct age. Because the last name is so uncommon, I knew I had the right
person and by name of informant.

Sometimes luck and using your grey matter to deduce incorrect records is
very important.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Dear Lisa:

What you have forgotten to account for is that the person who filled out the
death certificate may not have given the proper info as they did not know it
correctly. For instance, when my great grandfather died, his son-in-law,
not his daughter, gave the info to the clerk. Due perhaps to the grief of
the moment or lack of knowledge of English, his gave the names of his
parents when asked for those of my great grandfather!!!!

In another example, a relative did not understand English well enough to
fill out the forms and the clerk did it. Therefore, what resulted is very
much different >from what should have been in the record.

Further, when there may be multiple wives in a family, very often the person

filling out the form may not have known about the other wife or wives in the

family. It is possible then that name of the one he/she was familiar with
will be given. It is common when a wife dies early and the children are
infants or toddlers and another one takes her place that the children may
not know about their own mother. Or, the husband may marry the wife's
sister which further complicates things.

In order to sort out your inconsistency for the family names, you should
obtain your step-great aunt's birth and marriage records and see what they
say and compare. Hopefully, at least, her parents would have given the info

on her birth record and she would have given it on her marriage record.

Ann Rabinowitz
annrab@... >>>>>

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