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Judith Romney Wegner

At 5:24 PM -0700 10/19/06, Yaron Pedhazur wrote:

Dear Genners,

I am searching my PODHORZER roots.
Yaron Pedhazur
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dear Yaron,

I found your surname, PEDHAZUR, of great interest as an example of the
fascinating process whereby Jewish surnames arrive at their ultimate forms.

It was immediately obvious that your family's choice of this Hebrew
name was deliberately intended to match-up with the existing family
surname, PODHORZER.

But I am curious about your spelling of PED-HA-ZUR The actual
biblical name with which the name PODHORZER was obviously "matching"
as a soundalike is traditionally pronounced and transliterated not as
PED-HA-ZUR but as PED-AH-ZUR -- who is first mentioned at Numbers
1:10 in connection with the census in the wilderness.

In other words, the "a" vowel actually comes *before* the heh and not *after* it.

So, I wondering whether the ancestor who originally selected PEDAHZUR
to match PODHORZER deliberately changed the spelling of PED-AH-ZUR to
PED-HA-ZUR because in the name PODHORETZ the "H" comes before the
"O" -- or whether the original ancestor had spelled PEDAHZUR
correctly, but somewhere lower down the line the order of the letters
was accidentally switched >from "A=H" to "H-A" simply by analogy with
the order of the letters in PODHORZER?

Incidentally, PODHORZER has no real historical connection with the
biblical PEDAHZUR. It must be another version of the well known name
"PODHORETZ" as in Norman PODHORETZ. he former Editor of Commentary
magazine. I tried in vain to find a town spelled "Podhoretx" So,
can someone tell us whether the name Podhoretz is connected with the
Yugoslav town spelled Podgarac -- in which the "c" is in fact
pronounced "tz" and the "g" would be pronounced "h" if spelled in Cyrillic?

As a Jgenner, I find nothing more fascinating than the origin and
evolution of Jewish surnames!

Judith Romney Wegner

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