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Martin Fischer

I have also had a mostly positive experience with the Google book search
site at

I had known for several years that the editor of the old New York Sun
newspaper in the late 19th Century had written and published humorous essays
concerning Col. Abe Slupsky, a rather eccentric Republican politician >from
St. Louis who was married to my paternal grandfather's sister. The Sun is
not yet available online through ProQuest or, so I have only
been able to access a few of these commentaries that have been republished
in other newspapers.

A couple months ago, I went to the Google book site and discovered I was
able to read several pages mentioning Slupsky in a 2005 reprint of the 1905
book "Casual Essays of the Sun: Editorial Articles on Many Subjects Clothed
with the Philosophy of the Bright Side of Things." The online pages
contained most of two brief editorials referring to Abraham Slupsky. Since
Slupsky's name was not mentioned or, perhaps, not picked up in the scanning
process of the final page(s) of the second essay, I could not read the
concluding portion of that one online.

However, by using the interlibrary loan service of my local public library,
I was able to borrow a copy of the original 1905 book that contained the
entire essay that had not been completely available on google.

Just before writing this e-mail, I repeated the search for Abe Slupsky on
the google book site and found two more references to him that had not yet
been available online when I initially discovered the book of Sun essays.
One of the newly posted items was a page of a review of the Sun book that
was published in a 1912 compiliation of book reviews. The other was a poem
that mentioned Slupsky's reputed efforts at "school reform" in an anonymous
1896 volume called "The Fat Knight: His Complete Career with Conquests and
Collapse and Final, Marvelous Triumph," which was a satire on Grover

So, it seems the google book site has been adding more volumes. If you have
an ancestor who gained some degree of notoriety or fame, even if you don't
find his or her name on the site now, wait a few months and try again.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois, USA

The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at:

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