JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen VM8692-3: translation of Galician tombstone #general


I have had a photograph of my great-grandfather's grave in Skala
(now Ukraine) for several years. We recently discovered that the
tombstones in the Jewish cemetery in Skala have inscriptions on both sides.
A tourist who visited the cemetery last month brought me photographs of
the reverse side of the tombstone of my great-grandfather,
Hersh Eliyah Wiesenthal (Tsvi Eliyahu ben Yosef Aryeh), after whom
I am named.

On Viewmate, there are two photographs of the reverse side: an overview
and a close-up. I can read my great-grandfather's name in Hebrew, but
not the rest. I would be grateful if someone would tell me what the
inscription says. The viewmate addresses are:

With my thanks,
Helene Kenvin

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