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Alexander Sharon

"Peter Lebensold" wrote

I have just received the 1913 application for UK Nationality of a possible
relative in which he reports having been born (in 1877) "a natural-born
of the Russian Empire ... at Novo Alexandria, Province Lublin, near Kief."

A search for "Novo Alexandria" in Shtetl-Seekers shows the only
currently-Polish possibility to be Aleksandrowo Nowe - but that town
to be NE of Warsaw, near Bialystok ... thus never in the Lublin gubernia.
On the other hand, the only two possibilities that lie (now in the
between Kiev and Lublin (Novo-Aleksandrovka, Koloniya Aleksandrovka - at
50°37' 28°05' - and Novyy Aleksinets, Oleksinets Novy, Olekiniec-Nowy, Novyy
Oleksinets, Novyolekcenez - at 49°50' 25°30') both seem too far East to ever
have been in the Lublin gubernia.

But is there not a "Nowa Aleksandria" somewhere near Radom? The town where
- in October 1914 - Russian troops crossed the Vistula to attack the
Kaiser's troops at Radom and Kielce? What am I missing here?

Nowa Aleksandria (Novaya Aleksandrija in Russian) is the old Russian Tsarist
time name for town Pulawy. Pulawy were renamed to Nowa Aleksandria in 1842.

Town is located on Wisla River, 46 km NWN >from Lublin.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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