JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Again, Re: "A List of VIctims of the Gomel/Homel pogrom of 1906" #general

Naomi Fatouros

On or around September 1, 2006, I told the Belarus
and the Jewishgen discussion group members that I had
read in James Boylan's "Revolutionary Lives," that, in
1906 the writer Anna Strunsky had interviewed victims
and townspeople in Gomel and subsequently written an
article about the pogrom that occurred just occurred
there. I said that it was possible that a pamphlet she
wrote about it, which was published seven years after
she wrote her article, is still extant, and I
suggested that it might be found at the New York
Section of the Council of Jewish Women or at the
Huntington Library in California.

I replied to each of those who wrote me privately of
their own interest in the pamphlet, that I myself had
no genealogical interest in Gomel and I tried to make
clear to all that I did not intend to make any effort
to search for a copy of the pamphlet. Since then, I
have not concerned myself with the location of the
pamphlet nor do I recall my having made any inquiries
about it to the Huntington Library or to any other
institution who might have a copy.

Nevertheless, today I received a message >from the
Huntington Library Assistant Natalie Russell, saying
that that library does indeed have a copy. She
requested that if I wanted a reproduction made, I
should let her know so that she might obtain an
estimate for its cost >from the library's photographic
department. She said she would need my full postal
address to send me the copy.

I have responded to Ms. Russell by thanking her for
her efforts, but I have also told her that I have no
intention of ordering a copy but will tell those of
you who would like a copy to request it directly >from the
Huntington Library. I will say that probably she will
hear >from those who do have an interest in the pamphlet.

I shall send copies of Ms. Russell's response to all
those who wish to obtain a copy of Strunsky's account,
assumin that they will follow up on her response. I
shall leave it to them to decide whether it should be
republished on the Internet by the Belarus Sig or by
Jewishgen and to find out how to make arrangements for
such a republication. (I do not believe the pamphlet's
copyright, if it was ever claimed, is still extant.)

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
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