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noga <nogarub@...>

I'm looking for descendants of the brothers Abraham/Abram and
Joseph/Jozef FALC. The brothers were first cousins of my late
father and lately I got information that prior to WW2 they left
their Shtetl, Kutno, in Poland, emigrated to America and settled
in Brooklyn/New York. Their father was Mendel-Leib FALC, their
mother - Kajla FALC nee (G?)AST and their sisters were Sara FALC
and Ides SLUCKA nee FALC. The brothers were probably born during
the first decade of the 20th century. One of them was a musician
back in Poland and the other was employed by the Polish police.
It is possible that after moving to The USA their Surname was
changed a little bit to sound more American.

I'll appreciate any piece of information about the brothers and
their offsprings.

Noga RUB,
Tel-Aviv, Israel

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