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Alex Magocsi

Back at the end of August '06, links to various NY area cemeteries were posted,
I believe, by Steve Lasky. I was able to locate the burial data of 2 related
persons, Alex Greif and his wife Hannah, who were important to my Grandmother,
Hani Grosz, when she immigrated into the USA >from Nyirbator. Thank you to Steve
for his posting.

The burial site of this family is Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, NY: the Burial
Society is / was Fidelis.

My questions are:
1.) Does this Burial Society still exist? Searching the Internet did not
produce any viable information. If it exists, can someone point me in the right
2.) If it does not exist, where might their records now be found?
3.) Might the cemetery administration have more burial related / family related
data than what is available via their database search engine? The first related
burial was in 1937, the last was 1987.

I am looking for hints as to what steps I can take to follow up on the found
data. I am pretty good at digging but occasionally need someone to point me in
a potentially useful direction.
My goal is to find some living person who might have more family history data.

Thank you
Alex Magocsi
York, Maine USA

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