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I have read recent comments on indexing cemeteries worldwide that
underscored once again by a report of another cemetery having been
desecrated. However, there must be a number of unmarked mass
graves of Jews of Jews murdered by the Nazis.

Recently it was brought to my attention, by Leonid Kogan, there was a
mass at in Kamenny Brod, Ukraine. My maternal grandparents emigrated
from Kamenny Brod emigrated >from there in the early 1900's. My cousins
agreed to financially support a project to erect a memorial in Kamenny
Brod to honor those murdered.

In the International Jewish Cemetery Project Kogan described the site. "The
mass grave is located at northeast, 500m >from faience factory. The
unlandmarked, Hasidic mass grave was dug in 1941.No Jews >from other
towns or villages were murdered here."

Is there any local organization that identifies unmarked mass graves manage
projects of this sort? My current contacts seem slow in responding. The last
I heard , it would take 17 signatures by officials for this proposal. I am
not sure if it is a complicated bureaucracy or interference.

My family we have collected money to complete this project. Now we are
trying to total cost estimates on alternative monument proposals. We need some
local management.

Allan B Dolgow
West Sacramento, CA

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