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roe kard

There was a place called Wulka Mazowieki about 8 miles east of Rawa
Ruska, about 30 miles northwest of Lvov. Most of the people listed in
(what i was told were) the land owner records for this town were non-
Jews, but, among the major landowners in the area were two Jewish
families: the Topfers/Tepper's and Kurzers, my great-great
grandparents. I believe that they also held title or rental rights
over land in surrounding towns. If you have family with these names
anywhere around Lvov, please contact me and I am happy to share these
records with you. I am asking that anyone with whom I share records,
share with me any translations they do of the records they take >from me.

Shabbat Shalom,
Karen Rosenfeld Roekard
aka Gitel Chaye Ita Rosenfeld Rokart

Wulka Mazowieki, Magierow, Niemerow, Ulicka Zarabone)
ROKART, ROKACH (Belz, Sokal, Brody)
GOLDWURM (Bialy Kamen)
GOLD, GOLDBERG, BIEGEL, BERGREEN (Dzikow, Tarnbrzeg, Ropcyctz)

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